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Behold, how good and how pleasant
it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!
Psalm 133(132):1

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Attention all Orthodox major clergy (deacons and priests) in Southeast Texas! Please make sure that you are a member of our Yahoo Groups e-mail list. Also, be sure to update your record if your e-mail contact information changes.
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Our Current Officers

Fr. Anthony Baba - President
Fr. Benedict Crawford - Vice-President
Fr. John Whiteford - Secretary
Dn. Iakavos Varcados - Treasurer

Historical Spotlight — Archimandrite Theoclitos Triantafilides

The Very Reverend Father Theoclitos was the first Orthodox priest in Texas. He was the pastor of Ss. Constantine and Helen Orthodox Church in Galveston. He served as the pastor for Serbs, Russians, Greeks, and others, conducting services in their own native languages.

Tsar Nicholas II (now glorified by the Church as a Martyr) decreed �Let there be an Orthodox Church in Galveston.� He then personally donated the icons on the Iconostasis, the Gospel book, the sacred vessels, and also sent Fr. Theoclitus to serve the parish.

After the great hurricane of 1900 (which destroyed much of Galveston) the Church was reconsecrated by Bishop Tikhon (Later Patriarch of Moscow, glorified by the Church as a Confessor). Fr. Theoclitos is buried under the altar of Ss. Constantine and Helen's.

Charter for The Orthodox Clergy Association of Southeast Texas

Name: The Orthodox Clergy Association of Southeast Texas

Purpose: To find tangible ways to express Orthodox unity, to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to facilitate communication and fellowship among the brotherhood of Orthodox Clergy in Southeast Texas.

Membership: Any priests or deacons in good standing with their bishop, who are members of an Orthodox jurisdiction recognized by one or more of the 15 autocephalous or 4 autonomous Orthodox local Churches.

Officers: Officers are elected annually, in the month of September, and consists of a president (who calls meetings, and presides over them), a vice-president (who acts as president in the absence of the president), a treasurer (who is responsible for the funds of the association) and a secretary (who keeps the minutes of the meetings, and disseminates them to the association).

Meetings: Are called by the president and are held at least on a quarterly basis. Meetings are held in the various member churches, on a rotating basis.

The date of each meeting is decided and announced at the previous meeting, except on an exceptional basis.

An announcement of the date of the next meeting will be distributed via e-mail within a week of the previous meeting.

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